---“Over the years, Ryan has guided a number of children for us, both our own and children of friends. Certainly, I can tell you about all the fun the kids have had, the superior fish catching experiences, but far more impactful is that Ryan is always teaching…he just uses fishing as his venue. We have been having Ryan guide friend’s children for now I would guess at least 12 years. It’s an annual event for these kids, who started with Ryan when they were 8-9, and are now young men in their twenties. Going fishing with Ryan for a day is one of the opportunities they look forward to every year, and he has taught them not only how to fish, but helped them along the way of their journey to become young men. My own son has just started fishing, and now through Ryan’s help, we are learning to fish together. My son is happy to spend hours and hours on a dock, and with good luck or bad, and lots of patience, while away many hours. I’m so thankful that Ryan has opened up the joy of fishing for my son, but along the way is teaching him a variety of lifetime values like responsibility and patience to name just two. Thanks, Ryan.” Dave Rettig

"The best thing I have found about fishing with Ryan is that he has a great personality and is just a fun guy to fish with...something that is often overlooked in the world these days. Besides that, the man plain knows how to fish. He was able to put me on fish even under some nasty conditions. He has a wide array of strategies and knows how to find at least something that is biting, even under some of those nasty conditions. It was nice to not have to try and figure out some of those Iowa Great Lakes by myself and he narrowed my search and just put me on fish. This helped me catch my largest northern pike in the state of Iowa and my largest small mouth bass to date. That is not even to mention the great walleye and perch fishing he put me on. A great guy that knows his stuff, and again, is a lot of fun to fish with...that is how I would describe Ryan Hale." Eric "Goody" Goodale
"It has been a pleasure to fish with Ryan. He can find the fish and is well versed in a variety of techniques to help you catch them. I would recommend his services to anglers of all ages at any skill level. If you are looking for a dependable fishing guide in the lakes area, give Ryan a call." Scott Reed
"I spent my summers of the 50's, 60's and 70's at the Iowa Great Lakes and thought I knew the lakes pretty good. I also was a guide for awhile in the mid 70's in central Iowa and consider myself a pretty fair Walleye fisherman but thought I would give Ryan a try and see if I could learn some new techniques. I was not disappointed. The fist day was very rough and poor conditions and we caught fish. The second day we hit Spirit Lake on a very calm morning. Ryan had me on so many fish I could only handle one rod. We caught at least 50 fish, Walleyes, Smallmouth -several in the 17 inch range, Largemouth and the strangest shaped Northern I have ever seen. By 10 am I was worn out and had to quit. Believe me whether you are a novice or an expert it is well worth it to hook up with Ryan besides being an excellent guide he has the charisma to keep you smiling all day- Ryan I will be back" Bob Lemon