Your Okoboji Family Fishing Guide

Your Okoboji fishing guide

Proud supporter of the Iowa Greats Lakes Association

2023 is Hale's Guide Service's 20th anniversary.

A guide trip is a great gift for your loved ones. Fathers Day, Mothers Day, X-mas, anniversaries or birthdays, come enjoy a fun day on the water.

I was born and raised in the Iowa Great Lakes area and consider this chain of lakes some of the best in the Mid-West. Each lake has its own special appeal. The Iowa Great Lakes offer incredible fishing opportunities for many species. From open water to ice fishing, I'll provide whatever service you or your group needs for a fun day on the water. Even if you do not want to fish, we can still spend the day on the water taking a tour of the IGL's area.

I’ve been active in many tournaments, from hard to soft water, from bass to bluegill, I’ve enjoyed the competition. On the walleye side of things I have fished the IWTT, GNWC, and the PWT. Bass fishing can be awesome on the IGL’s chain. I have fished the P.V.A. B.A.S.S. and Fishers of Mens tournaments on these lakes.

All skill levels are welcome. From the novice to the elite angler, I can provide whatever it takes to have fun on the water. Bring a great attitude along, and I’ll do my best for you!

For large groups outtings I can line up other guides for a day on the water.

Create memories and fish with Hale's Guide Service in 2023 and find out why he is one of the most popular guides on the IGL's.

Featured seminar speaker at 2013, 2014,and 2015 Siouxland Great Outdoor Show

Featured on Iowa Outdoors T.V. show December 2010

Featured in Midwest Hunting and Fishing May-June 2019

Featured in Iowa Game and Fish.
June 2006, August 2006, Feb 2007, Feb 2010

Featured in The Iowa Sportsman's Magazine.
Feb 2007, May 2007,June 2007,Oct. 2007,Dec 2007

Featured in Iowa Walleye magazine...May 2005,April 2006,June 2006

 DNR Fishing Report 9/28/2023
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 DNR Fishing Report 9/21/2023
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