What is your 2018 New Years resolution?

Spend more time fishing

Votes: 3 | 30%

Spend more time hunting

Votes: 0 | 0%

Spend more time outdoors, in general

Votes: 3 | 30%

Get a new personal best

Votes: 0 | 0%

Explore new areas

Votes: 1 | 10%

Try new techniques

Votes: 3 | 30%

Other (tell us in the comments!)

Votes: 0 | 0%

Posted by DocMudge
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01 Feb : 06:37
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I'm hoping I can get out and do more outdoors this year, whether it's hunting, fishing or even just hiking some parks.

Ryan Hale
04 Feb : 15:39
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New techniques,or refresh on some that I have not used in a few years.

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